Mourinho Upset On Referee Foy’s Decision

Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho, was annoyed at referee Chris Foy’s decision to send him off during Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat against Aston Villa.

Chelsea surrendered to City in the Premier League race after Fabian Delph’s brilliant 82-minute contribution.

Willian and Ramires were both sent off by the refree and the blue boss was also dismissed for coming on the pitch in injury-time to protest against his decision to send off Ramires.

Whereas, Foy refused to speak to Mourinho, and directed him to go on to the stands, and again did not give any importance to Mounrinho’s remarks when he approached the official in the tunnel following the feisty contest.

“I tried to speak to Mr Foy twice. I tried to speak on the pitch, and I tried in the dressing rooms,” the Chelsea manager said. “In the dressing rooms I tried to ask politely, can you give me five seconds? And he refused.”

A Chelsea spokesman claimed that the rumors about Mourinho and Chelsea captain John Terry forcing their way in to the referee’s room was not true. The spokesman said Mourinho asked to speak to Foy as he went into the officials’ changing room in the tunnel at Villa Park.

When Foy refused, Mourinho then asked to speak to fourth official Jon Moss as he entered the room, but again he refused.

“I don’t make any comments about any of the incidents in the game. I prefer not to speak,” he said.

“It’s a big occasion for me to know about the character of Mr Foy, because I want to know what he’s going to write about my sending off,” Mourinho said. “I was two-three metres inside the pitch or four-five metres, but there was like 10 persons there. It was me, my two assistants, (Villa boss) Paul Lambert, Paul’s assistants. And there was Agbonlahor, who come in and made an aggression on Ramires from behind.

“I think almost all of us were just trying to calm (things) down and try to stop (it). So if I was sent off because I was on the pitch, I ask why not the others, especially one player that made an aggression on another one, Agbonlahor on Ramires? Agbonlahor came

from the dug out, he went to Ramires pulled him from his neck and Agbonlahor was not on pitch he was on the bench.”

A charge from the Football Association may now follow. When asked whether he thought he would be punished, an unrepentant Mourinho said: “Me? Me or the ref? No, I don’t expect (to be charged) because I did nothing.”

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