Microsoft Launch Flixster For Xbox Live In The US

Microsoft have announced the launch of the movie streaming app, Flixster for Xbox Live for Gold subscribers in the US. The Warner Bros movie streaming app is a big hit elsewhere and it should be a step up for Microsoft’s Xbox.

Now users can buy, rent, watch, stream and do more just using their Xbox via Flixster.

Here are the features that ‘Major Nelson’ announced:

  • Buy or rent standard and high definition movies
  • Browse current movie listings in theaters near you
  • Peruse new and upcoming DVD releases
  • Watch high quality movie trailers
  • Access movie details, including film posters, synopses and Rotten Tomato scores
  • Easily sort and watch movies from your UltraViolet movie collection
  • Navigate using voice and gesture controls with Kinect for Xbox 360

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