Madden NFL 25: Anniversary Edition Comes With An NFL Sunday Ticket, Exclusively By Amazon

Amazon has a special deal for all the football fans. If you want to watch an actual NFL game, you can pre-order The Madden NFL 25 (Madden NFL 2014) Anniversary Edition from Amazon, and the package also includes a seventeen-week pass Madden Ultimate Team cards, and also computer and mobile access to NFL Sunday Ticket.

This will give you access to the 2013 regular season’s matches, and people who subscribe to DirecTV can also get a monthly $10 discount on the TV version. This will last a year, and also give you a free MAX upgrade. But, only 100,000 copies are in stock, half of them for Xbox 360, and the other half for PlayStation 3. All these bonuses will cost you about $100, which is $40 more than the normal game.

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