Kickstarter Launched By Shadow Of The Eternals Due To “Overwhelming Popular Demand”

The developers over at Precursor Games have actually launched a Kickstarter, as part of their crowdfunding scheme for Shadow of the Eternals, due to “overwhelming popular demand,” as claimed by them.

The Shadow of the Eternals gameplay was revealed a few days back. Before this Kickstarter was launched, the developers accepted donations only through the game’s official page. The ones who did donate funds, received a ‘Whateley Expose’, a collection of lore, manuscripts and clues from the Order of the Unseen.

Shadow of the Eternals

A few upgrades were also made, $100 Magikal Supporter reward currently includes a digital art book. And, the Insane Supporter $5000 one allows the donors to contribute to the game’s sanity events, artwork, music and storyline.

The Kickstarter may have been launched due to the company’s struggles to meet it’s $1.5 million goal, with $170,255 from both the crowdfunding sources.

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