Jim Ryan Said “They Have Lots To Be Shown At Gamescom”

Jim Ryan, the CEO of SCE Europe gave an optimistic announcement regarding the first party games that were shown at E3 2013. He expresses that there ought to be something that has been shown and there is yet more to come at the Gamescom. Jim Ryan had told this to Game Reactor, and it has been transcribed through Gematsu. Jim Ryan further asked the question to Game Reactor about the news related to its studios. He spoke about the recent discussions with SCE Worldwide Studio boss Shu. He said that he will be having 30 games in the development.

Out of these 30 games, 20 of them will be shipped within first year after the release of the console. Among those 20 games, 12 belonged to a new IP. It is necessary to keep essential stuffs back and there is a lot that is expected to go on. The gamescom has been there for the Europeans. They have something in addition to be shown at gamescom. Ryan was very curious while delivering his speech to Sony. As confirmed by him in the speech, PlayStation 4 will be having much software for frost party.

The new software included Shadow Fall, Killzone and Knack. A few updates of the game were also shown at the E3. Even the order: 1886 was introduced as what was mentioned by him. He further spoke about the quieter presentation of E3 2013 in comparison to it. Gamescom will be taken place at Cologue starting from 21st August till 25th August. They will be staying there till the time the world will come to an end. PlayStation 4 is expected to end by the end of the year.

Sony did not give many announcements regarding the terms and conditions of the first party PlayStation 4 game. The announcements for 30 titles were mentioned in the development Order: 1886 is the new title of the console. The previously announced title was announced Knack, Drive Club, Killzone, infamous: Second Son and Shadow fall. Most of the titles of PS4 have been heard before from the perspective of the first party that is present at E3.

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