iPhone 5S Shipping Really Fast In US And Several Other Countries

An improved shipping service ia being noticed from the online Apple Store now ranging from one to three days in all parts of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East with different carriers, colors, and capacities. However, GSM-compatible iPhone is still seen with a shipping duration of 1-2 weeks.

Its clearly depends upon the availibility and flexibility of shipping, as at the time when iPhone 5s was launched had declared to supply it within 7-10 days specially for silver and gold models. It slipped further to two to three weeks for an extended period of time.

Just two week ago or so, it had been noticed that the shipping time were at three to five days in North America and Asia Pacific, while European and Middle Eastern Apple Stores had mentioned that estimate for about one to two weeks.

According to some reports, Company have improved its production for iPhone 5s by cutting iPhone 5c production, which has many positive results and had a great supplies in time for the Christmas holiday.

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