iPhone 5S Coming Soon?

If reports are to be believed, Apple’s has started production on iPhone 5S.

With an estimated market share of around 25% in mobile phones, Apple is one of the biggest contributor to the mobile phone market in the world. But that hasn’t stopped Apple from releasing the 7th version of the iPhone, that being, the iPhone 5S.


The news coming from Japanese Apples blog, Macotakara, and according to their reliable source, the phone is being produced at Foxconn. Even though Fxcoonn has a damaged reputation, with poor working conditions and the suicide cases amongst workers attracting a lot of negative media attention, that hasn’t stopped Apple from having the comapny to produce it’s latest iPhone.


According to the article in Macotakara, there might be little or no change in the process of the production of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, which suggests it has been planned well enough to ensure smoothness in the production of both the phones.

According to Cnet, the iPhone 5S could include Apple’s new A7 chip, a better camera and an integrated touch display, for which Apple has been granted a patent for.
According to some experts and analysts, the iPhone 5S could well be launched anytime between June and August.

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