iPhone 5S And iPhone 6 In The Pipeline

It was not long ago that iPhone 5 was released and now rumours concerning the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have resurfaced.

With a 4.8 inch display, no home button and iPad mini kind of design, it’s been attracting a lot of eyeballs. Apple is believed to be working on a quad-core processor and plans to give a whole new meaning to phablets with increasingly large screens. The iPhone screen is not large enough to compete against the massive Galaxy Note 2, but if pitted against 4.99 inch Galaxy S4, the 4.8 inch HTC One and the 5-inch display of Sony Xperia Z, it stands a fair chance.

The idea is to replace the home button with a click pad. This concept may go down well with the users. This would offer a larger touch target, but could prove troublesome for gamers who smash down on a game’s on-screen buttons.

This particular design would solve many complaints that users have with large smartphones, allowing Apple to offer an iPhone with a bigger screen, without burdening users with a phone that is too large to carry or too large to hold.

Another set of rumours that are doing the rounds is that Apple maybe planning to launch iPhone 6 in 2013 too. It won’t be the first time that Apple will amaze the audiences with the releases of 2 iPhones in the same year. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S market the first time the company had announced completely new iPhone models in one year.

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