iPhone 4S And iPhone 5 Now On A Pocket Friendly Price

Ever had a dream of owning the best phone in the market with the latest features without having to pay a sky rocketting price? Now the wait is over!

With the Walmart announcement of reducing the price of apple phones – iPhone 5 for just $129 and the iPhone 4S will sell for just $39 have certainly lighten up the hopes of people for owning their personal iPhone.

The buyer has to avail these discounts from Walmart stores as they are not offered online . Also the user will require signing a new two-year contract with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.


This isn’t the first time Walmart is in news for slashing down the prices of apple products so drastically as in December too the company offered the iPhone 5 for $127 and the iPhone 4S for $47 as part of a holiday promotion. This is not the only thing that comes in this grand package – the new pricing is permanent unless like the temporary deals which is only for a few days.

The price slashing have created a wave as Apple has previously limited the extent up to which retailers can offer discount on its products, however Apple till now have made no comments on the issue.

The new discounted price on apple products have created a new sense of competition from other retailers .From the news of January, Best Buy had already lost $65000 in one day because of price-matching Walmart’s sale price on the iPhone 5. Other companies like Blackberry , Nokia , Samsung, etc. are also the facing the same situation.

Mashable Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff already believed that Samsung Galaxy S4 will rule the smartphone market uptill only Apple dosen’t comes with a new product in the market.

The reason for such discounted rates offered by Walmart is not very clear however according to Walmart’s officials the discounted rates are offered to clear previous Apple products before Apple comes with a brand new device in the smartphone world, as the news of Apple 5s is already creating a buzz in the market.

If not iPhone 5 then why not an iPhone 4S? The fans are delighted with a heavy discount offered on 4s by Wallmart (iPhone 4S for $39) as to have an apple product coming with such a pocket friendly price is itself like a dream to all the Apple fans worldwide.

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