iOS 7 Senses The Blink & Smiles In Photos

Apple’s iOS 7 has introduced many new camera oriented features like image detectors that find certain face expressions in photos.

Though iOS 5 had basic face recognition app, iOS 7 is now with characteristics such as blinking and smiles which can be individually distinguished. The framework has been neglected now.

With iOS 5, there has been an app which had face detection features as well to help with smarter autofocus and white balance adjustment. So, there is a chance that iOS 7 will have the API additions to foreshadow new user-features which is being rolled into the Camera app.

Though Android phones have best shots modes which help in taking several photos in quick succession and the software allows in selecting the best one out of it. Now, Apple has bought a new logic in delaying the snapping of photos until the people smile or after they blink.

Apple has also added geo-tagging option to the camera for the iPhone’s. All these features will fit along the smart dual flash and higher megapixel camera of IPhone 5S.

Apple has also added the barcode detection feature, where all common barcodes formats are supported including the European and UPC style. Apple is using this app for iOS 7, when redeeming iTunes gift cards or adding passes to passbook.

The new option for the camera smoothen auto focus and reduce the vision output covered as it scans for autofocus to make a pleasant appearance. The iOS 7 also gives access to a high frame-rate camera feed that lets apps take 60 frames-per-second video. This allows other apps to add high-quality slow motion effects to videos as the additional frame input can keep playback smooth. The OS has built in support for audio adjustment algorithms to stop the pitch from rising when video is played at a faster rate.

With the hardware limitations, high frame rate capture is available at 720p resolution for iPhone 5, the iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod touch. Likewise, the new video zoom feature that maintains quality is restricted to the latest generation iPhone and iPod touch models.

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