“If Facebook Is A Chevy, Then We’re A BMW”, Says Path CEO, Dave Morin

Former Facebook employee, and Founder and CEO of Path (a social networking and photo/video sharing app), Dave Morin said that “If Facebook is a Chevy, then Path is a BMW”. Path is basically an app through which you can share your experiences and memories with your close ones, and it gives more value to privacy. Morin believes that people should feel comfortable when they share their pictures and videos online, and Path is the perfect platform for that.

While many people might think that Facebook will someday want to buy out Path, it definitely won’t be happening in the near future, said Morin at the Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich. According to the stats, 50% of the user base is associated with some type of family member. “If you only have a couple of friends on Path, the experience is not designed for that; once you connect to five it becomes rich and engaging”, says Morin.

On most social networking sites, you hardly communicate with the people you’re actually close to- your family, close friends etc. Path helps you connect and share with these people. Morin says that while ‘social network’ is a useful tag-line, ‘personal network’ would be more accurate. Facebook’s Timeline might be similar to the way Path works, but Path has always been more family-focused, or for people who would rather share things and communicate with a small circle of people. Path and Facebook may have similar functions, but Path’s ‘Privacy above all’ policy is what makes it different. “We’re so focused on quality, we’re less worried about getting to a billion users and more focused on a curve that is slow going and intentional. If Facebook is a Chevy, then we’re trying to be like a BMW”, said Morin.

Source: TechCrunch

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