iEqualizer – The Coolest iPhone Cover Ever

iPhone cases had never been this cool. Just a couple of days back Strapya World launched the iEqualizer. It’s a case for the iPhone and as the name suggests it has got pretty awesome effects, which specially become better in the dark. It has a set of lovely blinking lights on the back that look exactly like a graphic equalizer.

One of the benefits of this case is that the attractive illuminations are powered by their own button-sized batteries that are provided inside the case itself. That basically means that the iPhone 5’s battery won’t have to pay the price for all the merriment. The iEQ has it’s own separate battery that charges the graphic displays and are present at the back of the phone case.

Just like every coin has 2 sides, the negative aspect of the iEqualizer case is that the iPhone owner will have to sacrifice on the classy iPhone design for this enclosure. The case also includes a plastic accessory at the top that works as a power button for switching the equalizer on or off as per the need. In fact, the case is so thick, it will make the iPhone appear nearly twice it’s present thickness.

For critics, the iEqualizer won’t qualify as an actual equalizer, especially since each of the bars isn’t reacting to specific frequencies. It’s basically all the bars reacting to any sound nearby.
The iPhone 5′s iEqualizer case is available only for $32 from the Strapya World Website.

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