Helena Bonham Carter To Return For The Alice In Wonderland Sequel

The Alice In Wonderland sequel has gained a huge momentum with already placed director James Bobin and stars Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp, the project is now said to fill its cast positions. And according to Variety Helena Bonham Carter will be starring as the Red Queen.

The Red Queen, who is known for her tyrant rule in Wonderland before she was defeated by the Hatter and Anne Hathaway’s White Queen, will back with more aggression and revenge.

It exactly not known what she is up to, as Disney is keeping its secret tight. And since Tim Burton’s first Alice borrowed from both the Wonderland tome and Through The Looking Glass, the plot is still a mystery. So far, we have not seen any of the other cast members making return, but we have come across on the chances of Hathaway and Matt Lucas could be back. Disney has planned to release the project on May 27 2016.

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