Google Denied To Set Up A Secure Portal To Give Data Access To The Government

It was reported by the New York Times last week that many popular companies are into the creation of secure ports. You must be wondering who they are. They are Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and many others. In these secure portals, the companies had stashed a data for the users to be picked up by the government. Google had denied setting up such kind of portal. The giant web search also clarified the data is handed over to the feeds upon request.

Google also said that it has not set up any virtual lockboxes to access any data on the feeds. Google also told Wired that if it does not comply with any request for information from Government, the data is handed over by hand. The data is also handed over by a secure website having a FTP access. One of the spokesmen of Goggle, named Chris Gaither said that the government will not be able to pull the data from the servers. The government of United States of America will not be able to pull it from a Network too.

The post that was released in Washington broke an exciting story last week. It has been flocked by the major users of the data. The Surveillance program of NSA and FBI was called PRISM. NSA has acknowledged the existence of the program. Almost all the technical teams are denying their involvement in the spying programs. These programs are involved in the direct access of an individual on the server. It is also related to anything that has resembled a surveillance system on a real time basis.

The story of the existence of the PRISM said that they will be able to watch your ideas as you type it across. This will not be likely if the claims put up by Google are not accurate. Releases by Sony said that the data from PRISM was gathered without putting it into the knowledge of the technical companies. It was also said in one of the posts that they refused to take an active part in any program.

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