Some Fraud Noticed By PlayStation Owners In Credit Card Charges

Yet another fraud but this time its related to Playstation, Sony warned there users before to change their passwords as they noticed some irregular activity regarding account details. But it looks like the users took it lightly or the company delayed in their work and now they are reporting the fraudulent charges on the linked credit cards.

Their are reports that content is being purchased on accounts without authorization. In one case it is mentioned that $150 was charged to his PSN Wallet and another says FIFA 14 content was bought by someone with his profile.

It’s somewhat interesting but yet a stealing technique by adding a content to the victim’s account. By adding his or her console to the victim’s account the thief is able to download all the content they want and play it offline, assuming there is no additional DRM measure employed by the game.

Sony hasn’t came publicly but we will soon get to know whats going on, as the e-mails are genuine.

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