Foursquare Introduces New Feature Called “Location Filters” On It’s Website

A new feature has been added to Foursquare on last Friday. This feature is called location filters and is already available for the users. Foursquare is now planning to bring it to the smart phone apps platform. The feature includes various filters like Specials, Haven’t Been, Friends, Price, Open Now and Saved. Any one of these can be chosen depending on what the individual preferences are.

Among these filters, Specials and Saved are easy to understand. The former includes the offers that are being promoted by Foursquare and the latter are the personal choices of the users. The rest of the filters can be classified as based on price ranges, timings and checked ones. These options will help the users to fine-tune their choices to a more detailed level. After logging in to the foursquare site, these choices can be further personalized with the help of Foursquare notes.

A few examples provided by the company have been listed to attract the users. It shows that one can view places that one has not been to or to a place where one’s friends like to go. The company has also said that it will be providing more such options in the coming days but has not given any particular date for that. These options will probably be more such filters but one has to wait and see. With the same features soon being launched for mobiles, the company hopes to attract more users in the coming days. Whether the same will effectively act for the users in a mobile or not is to be seen.

This sort of concept has been used earlier by Facebook in the Facebook Graph Search process. Since FourSquare is a location based social networking site, it is important for the company to bring up new features to woo more members and even the existing ones. Earlier the company started using the process of providing “badges” and superuser status to users to attract their notice. With The number of Four Square users touching around 8 million all over the world, the company will definitely keep introducing such new features.

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