Flipboard Update For Android Devices

Flipboard has introduced its magazine curation service to Android devices.

The popular service, which was only available to iOS owners, will now allow Android users to create their own feed centered around topics of personal interest.


Flipboard’s magazine creator initially only worked on iOS devices, but Android users could stil view those magazines. But now, users can create their own magazines without having to worry about the platform they’re using.

The update for Android allows you to:

  • flip photos saved on your phone or tablet into your magazine
  • add items you find on the web via your mobile browser into your magazine
  • share magazine links to other apps, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger
  • curate from the Flipboard widget into a magazine

In addition to the Flipboard update, Flipboard have also launched Flipboard have also launched Flipboard Editor, a website that allows you to make and manage magazines from your computer or laptop easily. You can visit editor.flipboard.com andlog in with your Flipboard username and password to get started.

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