First Galaxy S4 Ad Released

Samsung has released it’s first series of Galaxy S4 ads before the arrival of it’s fourth generation phone. The series of advertisements are going to challenge the iPhone 5. These ads display simple usage of Galaxy S4. Samsung does not believe in cheap publicity and hence at no stage will they be poking fun at the iPhone 5. Instead these ads are referred as straight-up lifestyle and feature focussed spots.

The ads, which have currently been telecasted in the Netherlands, show a group of people using their S4s to do ordinary day-to day things like take and send photos. Another ad shows the model’s Group Play feature. Group Play lets you share media (including music) with people around you. Another ad features the phone’s S Translator. It features an English-speaking woman attempting to impress her Asian hosts by translating “The food is great!” Finally, a 60-second teaser plays up the phone’s dual-shot camera and sensory features. It also highlights other great features such as unimaginable clarity and slimmer yet stronger built of the phone.

Samsung is never shy to spend huge amount of money when it comes to advertisement. Though no official figure has been released so far, what we know from previous years’ experience is that Samsung is going to give it all for S4.If some sources are to be believed, the company spent more than $300 million on advertising last year, outpacing Apple by a wide margin.

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