Dumb People Mad At Multilingual “America The Beautiful” Coca-Cola Ad

Coca-Cola’s new advertisement with “America the Beautiful” sung in numerous languages. Many of its drawbacks have been neglected and forgotten, but its harmless pandering to the idea that America is a polyglot nation is not on the take it easy list, except to dumb, intolerant people who were annoyed and mad about non-English languages being used in combination with America. They were angry, and used the hashtag #fuckcoke so that everyone would know just how angry they were.

This is fucking America! #fuckcoke

— kyle odea (@kodea22) February 3, 2014

Always liked Pepsi anyway #fuckcoke #america

— Louie DiCicco (@L_DiCicco) February 3, 2014

That coke commercial where they have national anthem song in different languages is disrespectful #speakenglish #fuckcoke I will have pepsi

— Andrew Ricciardi (@andrewricciardi) February 3, 2014

I’m sorry but you can’t sing about America in other languages. Thats just unamerican. #fuckcoke

— Jacob Youngblood (@dougyyoungblood) February 3, 2014

Fuck you coke for trying to diversify my country tis of thee fucking speak English and be normal #fuckcoke

— Nick (@nick_mac11) February 3, 2014

How dare you sing “America” in different languages. Fuck Coca Cola. That’s so disrespectful. #FuckCoke

— Stoyer (@Stoyer_11) February 3, 2014

What up with Coke??? You live in America. English is your first and second language. Keep it on your house people! #fuckcoke

— The Old Legend (@tamato61) February 3, 2014

Why the fuck is the America the beautiful commercial in foreign languages?#fuckcoke #imdumpingmineoutrightnow #merica

— Dyllen Fleckenstein (@DyllenF) February 3, 2014

#AmericaIsBeautiful and so is the song when it’s sung normally. Looks like I’m now a Pepsi person. #fuckCoke

— Patrick Hall (@msgtd911) February 3, 2014

I think it’s such an injustice to play “America The Beautiful” in Spanish #FuckCoke

— Jordan Douglass (@Jordan_Doug93) February 3, 2014

Sing in English God damnnit. #FuckCoke

— Emily Gerding (@_EmmyG_) February 3, 2014

It’s God Bless America not Mexico so sing in English. #FuckCoke

— Allison Cruts (@allison_cruts31) February 3, 2014

You’re gonna sing america the beautiful in a different language? #fuckCoke

— amber (@amber_finney04) February 3, 2014

Sing it in English you pricks #fuckcoke

— Misiti (@LoganMisiti) February 3, 2014

An american song in like 10 different languages #fuckcoke #teampepsi

— James Butler (@jbutler6499) February 3, 2014

Considering out constitution is in English I would appreciate out patriotic songs be the same. #fuckcoke

— Train (@col_train48) February 3, 2014

America the beautiful shouldn’t be sung in any language other than English.#fuckcoke #gtfo #pos

— Josh Scarborough (@Jscarborough96) February 3, 2014

We live in America, we speak English. #FuckCoke

— Brian Weals (@SkinnyBW) February 3, 2014

This an American commercial not a foreign one #fuckcoke

— MIKEY (@MikeyTheOne765) February 3, 2014

What the fuck is this? Americas song sung in different countries. #fuckCoke

— Nicholas (@NickGwinn) February 3, 2014

#fuckCOKE it’s America and the USA language is English…not all this foreign shit

— Andy Turner (@turndaddy79) February 3, 2014

Fuck that bullshit. This is America speak fucking English #ThanksObama#fuckcoke

— Kyle Newlon (@nothin_NEW) February 3, 2014

Sorry CocaCola, but I do not appreciate hearing “America The Beautiful” being sung in a variety of FOREIGN languages.

— Charm Of The South (@CharmOfTheSouth) February 3, 2014

you don’t fucking sing America the beautiful in different languages. that actually pissed me off. #fuckcoke

— Boss DiMarz (@JDimarz) February 3, 2014

bullshit, god bless America in other languages? #fuckcoke

— Tom Beyer (@tombeyer6) February 3, 2014


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