Digital Calipers: No Retina Display In New iPad Mini

According to the new leak, the updated mini will be too thin to house a Retina-class display. After all the rumors and ideas, Apple is going to organize an event on October 22 that should include a new iPad mini and full-size iPad.

The image above via Digital Calipers, shows the thickness of the new iPad mini which is just 6.81mm, a bit lesser than than the previous one 7.2mm. Previous reports said that any realistic path to building a Retina display into the Mini would necessitate making the device thicker. If it’s not like that then, Apple is doing it the other way, atleast an upgrade by slimming it down. A slimmer mini could could also have some new specs like, 512MB of RAM and the Apple-A5 ARM chip — essentially the same hardware that is in the iPhone 4S.

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