Demonstration Of Real Bug Activity

Khalil Shreateh, a resident of Palestine has demonstrated a real bug activity on Mark Zukerberg’s timeline.

“A lot of people report bugs daily and half the time their English isn’t good enough for us to understand properly, yet we take up that issue and take necessary actions”, says software engineer Matt Jones Khalil who submitted a report and decided to take his own actions. Matt also says language and documentation issues are the obstacles that delay in correcting a bug. Adding to that, he says they pay $1 million to bug reporters. Khalil has literally done an unacceptable task by threatening the policy of Facebook bug reporting code.

Facebook at first deactivated his account, on account of his actions. They later convinced him saying his problem doesn’t support with evidence or details and re-activated his account. Since he violated the code, the reward slipped his hands which he would have otherwise received for the Facebook bug bounty program. Facebooks allows to test on duplicate accounts thus preventing from testing on real accounts. Using real people’s accounts to post it without their permission is highly condemnable. Later his blog showed a screenshot of an image where he has apologized for his mindless behaviour and for reporting it to the CEO.

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