Dell Is Adamant About Being Private

Michael Dell is adamant in making his company private irrespective of the offer he is receiving. Dell owes a large share in the company and he is not ready to step back from his plan as he is not willing to share the wealth with others.

He commented to Wall Street Journal that he is not interested in selling his company to any. He also said that he is not willing to take up the idea of Carl Icahn, the investor, regarding the tender.

But Dell is planning to bring the company in his own ideas of reformation. Though Dell has a good offering from Carl, Dell is not satisfied. Dell and his partner, Silver Lake has recently boosted up their shares to a small margin.

Dell and his partner didn’t cared about the offer though the firm is trying their level to boost up. Dell has said to the Journal that he might accept the offer of Carl or will not allow him to access the shares to work out his idea. It seems to be that company is still trading the discount, unable to conclude.

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