DC Universe Online Team Excited Over The PS3 To PS4 Switch For Their Game

DC Universe Online’s team is very excited over their game’s transition from PS3 to PS4, as stated by Larry Liberty (Executive Producer) in a recent discussion with Shack.

Liberty declared that the team is going to celebrate once the transition is complete, because after that, “they can give the players more of everything.”

“People want everything you can imagine in the DC Universe, and that’s a lot,” said Liberty. “There’s over 4000 NPCs, there’s an almost infinite amount of power combinations. I would certainly love to do more.”

He continued with, “We have to figure out continually how to fit in memory on effectively a 220MB system–that’s how much system RAM we have on PS3. To make that work is going to be a challenge for us.”

But even once the PS4 is out, it won’t mean they’re going to stop all their PS3 services. That will only end if (or when) everyone switches to PS4. Therefore, Liberty said that the current version for the PS3 will also get some new improvements.

“We are making some art changes that will benefit all platforms as a result of PS4 development,” he said. “So, PS3 will look a bit better. But really, it’s going to benefit PS4 and PC most.”

“I do expect that eventually, PS4 to come out, and probably be more successful than PS3 was as a platform,” he continued. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we do get a pretty quick migration, but we’ll keep servicing PS3 for a while. The good news for PS3 players is you can move to PS4, keep your friends, play together.”

The next expansion, DCUO : Sons of Trigon will release this fall.

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