Connect Two Additional SIM Cards Through Bluetooth Via Teleza App

Thinking to use two SIM cards at a time is now a common thing, rather most of the phones which are currently used on this planet are single SIM supported and at some extent you can see the set having Dual SIM. Teleza promises to give you access to three active SIM cards from a single phone.

Actually, Teleza is essentially an external quad-band GSM radio which is controlled entirely from a cell or a tablet. A unique technique connects two SIM cards through Bluetooth device. That means you are now accessing three SIM cards from a single phone, one of them is currently inside a phone. It works like a regular SMS, calls etc. only the difference is that it can only be handled by a Teleza app.

This could really be helpful for those who prefer to travel more. Teleza is currently available for pre-order now at $129.99 and is expected to ship in January. We can’t predict it’s working for now as it hasn’t arrived in market yet but the maker is promising refunds within 30 days if it’s not upto the mark for the customer.

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