Clint Eastwood’s Latest Venture – American Sniper

Clint Eastwood is now in talks with the Warner Bros, regarding the direction of the upcoming movie ‘American Sniper’. The movie stars Bradley Cooper in the lead. American Sniper has Cooper not only starring but producing with Andrew Lazar and Peter Morgan. Warner Bros. is the company which is in charge of the future of the movie and its production. They have made a smart move in trying to rope in Clint Eastwood to direct their film. Chris Kyle’s had written a book- ‘The autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper In US Military’. This book revolves around Kyle’s life as a shooter, born in Texas and as a person who holds a record number of kills for an American. However, his sincerity to his own sights and his SEAL mates has an impingement on his relationship with his wife. In an unfortunate turn of events, Kyle was killed at a shooting range by his own colleague, when they were trying to gain experience in the military. The book, from which the movie is adapted, has been praised for its candor in narrating a first-person account of a brave fighter who shoots from different distances.

Initially, Steven Spielberg was on board to direct the movie, but collision of ideas took place, and they couldn’t settle on a mutual budget. If Eastwood is roped into this movie, then, it would be a tough task for him as the movie needs to be shot in the beginning of next year. American Sniper is expected to be filmed by the first half of 2014. Eastwood, however is busy then. He has other commitments. Despite the hectic schedule, Clint Eastwood has always been known for his adept and effective shoots. The Studio plans to release the movie during the awards season, so that it can be qualified by December next year. It is here that Clint Eastwood, steps into the role of the director beautifully, as he works fast and productive.

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