Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Line To Get More Functions

The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth line which initially appeared in 2011 with little fanfare was up against the devices like Pebble as per the public imagination. As a result of which an underpowered smart watch was of little interest.

Casio has successfully upgraded their GB-6900B and GB-X6900B variants of the Bluetooth line that would connect to one’s smart phone and he/she will be able to control their phone via watch or vice versa.

E.g. One can use the standard remote control functions on the watch that includes turning audio volume up and down and seeing snippets of text messages and emails. In addition to this the the watches will be powered with Casio Engine 2 movements which would allow one to set watch features via interface of the phone including alarms, stopwatch activation and similar others.

The most amazing are the phone sensing features that allows one to find his/her phone if its near the watch and to tap the watch to answer or reject calls. There is full rundown of features and notes that many of these things one might actually use with ABlogTowatch.

Although it does no sense your hearbeats, blood pressure and pant size it does do a few important things rather more important like it connects your phone via low power Bluetooth profile 4.0. In real world it easier to justify connecting the watch to your phone just because the battery will wear slower than other traditional Bluetooth devices.

Although G-Shock is not going to be for everyone, if one is looking to geek out he/she could do worse for 200$. Reports suggest that the watches should be available here in coming months.

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