Bypass iPhone Passcode : iPhone 5 Is Safe?

Think that you’re iPhone 5 is safe and hack free after putting a passcode? Well, it’s time to think again! A way to bypass iPhone passcode is out and now the big question is here, is iPhone safe?

Vulnerability Lab was the first to release their statement in a Full Disclosure report and further detailed on by Kaspersky Labs’ Threatpost blog. Vulnerability Lab has even released a video which shows how anyone can have access to your iPhone without even knowing your passcode. It’s a step by step procedure which would require the hacker to keep the phone in standby position and then make an emergency call. A couple of more steps from here on and the hacker will have access to voice-mails, contact lists, browse through photos and can even read text messages too. Navigating elsewhere would send the hacker back to the passcode screen.

However bizarre the way is, of breaking into iPhone-5, it has managed to pin point at the security loop holes in Apple’s software. Currently it’s not clear whether the same process of hacking would work on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but Youtube have shown that they have the ability to hack into iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by the same method as they too are running on iOS 6.1.

HuffPost Tech columnist Jason Gilbert, using an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1, got the hack to work, but only after several failed attempts. Two other HuffPost editors, however, were not successful. The Verge performed the hack on two iPhone 5s in the U.K. with positive results. But the original hack was performed in Spain on iPhone 5. “The vulnerability allows the local attacker to bypass the code lock in iTunes and via USB when a black screen bug occurs,” the Full Disclosure report says. “Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in unauthorized device access and information disclosure.”

Apple have been questioned and Apple have promised a solution soon.

The site believes that the if a text password is used instead of a 4 digit pass-code, this method of hacking doesn’t work and is hence requesting the users to switch to this method for a month or so till they find a software to rectify the problem.

Will this problem be solved? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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