Bob Mansfield Is In Apple’s Special Project

It was confirmed by Apple that the senior VP, Bob Mansfield, will no longer stay in the team. It was reported that he was out listed from the webpage of the company. He was subjected to retirement. But, Apple confirmed that he will be an associate to the “special projects” of the company. He is alleged to report to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, directly.

Bob Mansfield declared his retirement from the post of Senior VP during June 2012. Though he was persuaded to re-think the decision he has taken, but was admitted to be involved in the special project section.

Though Bob’s role is not much detailed, but he is supposed to be one among the members of the team, which Cook insisted. It was rumored that Apple is working on many things like smartwatch, low cost iPhone and enlarged iPad.

It was reported by The New York Times that Bob was interested in wearable and he is expected to be involved in smartwatch team.

It is said that with the involvement of Bob, the smartwatch will be launched early along with latest versions of iPhone or iPad.

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