Bill Gates Predicts: Frustrated iPad And Android Users Will Switch To PC Tablets

Bill Gates, the chairman and co-founder of Microsoft bears the opinion that a lot of the iPad users are frustrated over the functionality of their tablets. Even the scenario is the same with the Android tablet users. They cannot type, cannot create a document and cannot use the Microsoft Office tools in those platforms which are sure to make them exasperated. His recent comment went in the same line as of the 3 year’s old ones when he had said that he did not find anything on iPad that he would have wished to be done by Microsoft.

In an interview with CNBC, Gates said the demarcation between the PC tablets has already started to become hazy, and Windows 8 can be marked as a prominent factor for that. He added that Windows 8 uses benefits of PC Tablets, so if the user has Surface or Surface Pro; he has the portability of tablet at the same time the feasibility of a PC in terms of a properly structured keyboard and the loaded Microsoft Office, on which they can seriously perform some work, and that will be done by PC tablets.

According to reports from IDC, in the first quarter of 2013, Surface is marked amongst the top five tablet devices with 900,000 shipments worldwide, which is 1.9% of market share, and according to rumours Microsoft is planning sweeping revamp of the Surface with its new version expected to be launched in the month of June.

When asked about the tumbling stock prices of Apple and if Apple is also going to have a lost decade tag just like Microsoft, he replied that the leaders in the industry are always questioned. He also added, that there are some esteemed companies with a strong base, like Apple, Google and Microsoft, and companies like Facebook, Amazon and Samsung are also coming up to stand strong in that mix. When asked about the slow growth in China, he enlightened the piracy issue. In china over 77% of the Windows used are pirated, which is a key reason of poor performance of the OS in the country, but now the trend line has started to show some positive values lately.

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