Best Android Phone Success Threatening The Existence Of HTC

HTC Corp is the world’s one of the largest manufacturers of Android and Windows Phone 7 operating smart phones. The first own brand launch of this company in the year 2006 has successfully win the hearts of all the smartphone users globally. The recent news says that this globally renowned company is current losing their hopes of success due to the emergence of the new advanced smart phone launch by other competitive companies.

This threatening competition has forced them to think of manufacturing a new model of Smartphone with higher compatibility and portability. It has also been heard that they have started working hard on the manufacture of the most flexible and smallest smart phones for standing the current tough market competition. The lined up rumors of the past few weeks reveal that Estonian news site Delfi has successfully obtained few authentic shots of the latest tiniest version of the smartphone, HTC One.

The current hot rumors say that this latest smaller version of HTC One is having a 4.3-inch display screen in comparison to the 4.7-inch panel of HTC One. It is also highly equipped with 2GB RAM, a dual-core processor, and advanced Ultra Pixel camera which is quite similar to the big One. The current smartphone competition market is quite heated up with the rumors of latest tiny Smartphone of HTC One and with the official declaration of the Samsung Galaxy Mini By Samsung last week in London press event of June 20th.

It has been heard that the current smaller version of HTC has been immediately followed by the recent launch of smaller one called M4 which somehow got leaked out by the noted phone scooper @evleaks in the month of May. It has been also noticed that HTC is planning to apply the same formula of M4 to all its latest innovations. The current news say that this new strategy of HTC is going to work well but still the Taiwanese manufacturer of HTC have to very cautious regarding the price of the phones for standing the cut throat market competition.

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