Automatic Link App – Helps You Drive Better And Safer

Apps have been known to help mankind. So an app that would improve your driving skills was sooner or later expected. The constant nagging of back street drivers is sure to drive anyone crazy.

Comments like “You are driving too rash” or “You are always breaking too hard or driving too fast, either miles above the speed limit or not even close” can always frustrate the driver. But this recently launched app aims to help you be a smarter driver without the constant, distracting references by wirelessly linking your car to your smartphone.

The device monitors users driving habits and then guides him to help save on gas and ensure a smooth ride for each trip. It uses Automatic Link app, a device that plugs into your car’s data port to access the auto’s on board computer.


The device syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to understand the user’s driving style. If the user accelerates too quickly, the phone will give audio signals to let him know that he is unnecessarily accelerating and is hence wasting gas. Another interesting aspect of the app is that it will give feedback about the driving skills. To make the app more realistic, the user will be scored based on his driving skills. A detailed trip timeline will be implemented to track the progress.

The app is only available for iOS and is not yet available for Android or any other OS.

For all those forgetful souls who never remember the spot where they parked the car. Automatic is built in with GPS feature to help find the exact location of the car. The app also monitors your car’s health with a notification describing the problem and it’s possible solutions.

Automatic Link and its app work with most gasoline engine cars sold in the United States since 1996. The device is available to pre-order for $69.95.

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