Apple’s New OS X Maverics

Apple’s new OS X Mavericks was given for test use after its Worldwide Developers Conference ended. It is the latest version than the one released at WWDC, but not as the one released on Monday.

This new OS can as usual help users to interact on social networks, listen to music and would run normally in a day. It is also good and easy to work with. It is note worthy that there is not a single app that would just flat out not work under Mavericks.

Though there are big features to have a look, it is nice to note about LaunchPad, the new app which has “magic dust” circling it, showing the user that the app has been newly installed and not yet opened

One can enjoy the Maverick’s ability to have tabs in the Finder, if one used to have multiple finder windows open on a regular basis. Finder tab helps having multiple tabs in one finder window with different views for each tab like icon and list view sorted by date.

Users can not only have tabs for their looks, but also can copy or move files between tabs by simply dragging a file from the window of one tab to the title bar of another. Another added feature for the tab is the inclusion of tags, which are probably more useful.

Another amazing feature is the iCloud Keychain, which helps in remembering the complicated passwords. It is a good app which syncs between all the devices, but it can’t access the passwords from within Safari on iOS. This feature promises to retrieve the sites and the protected data with hard-to-crack passwords. Similar to Mac, iCloud Keychain can fiil up one’s information when visiting websites in iOS devices. iCloud Keychain uses 256-bit AES encryption and the information is always encrypted in devices.

Having notification feature helps in saving time by looking at emails, chats or twitter whenever a new message pop up. This way makes up the things convenient and productive as it requires just a click and reply can be sent on the spot without the need of going to the app.

A couple of new features have come up in calendar app. Having the ability to continuously scroll weeks or even months makes the calendaring tasks much easier. The event inspector in it is new and it includes Maps integration, travel time and address auto-complete.

Maps are really great and integrated in Mavericks, as they allows in sending the address one search for in iOS devices from a computer.

Though OS X Mavericks has similar looks as of Mountain Lion, there have been some design changes. Those changes are prominent in Notes, Calendar, Address Book apps.

The interesting point of Maverick is the integration between OS X and iOS. Apple is making everything easier for the user through its new and added features. Apple is using the best operating system for mobile and desktop uses, while allowing the user to sync information between the two.

Apple allows the users to access the information easily on its all devices like MacBook, iMac, iPhone or iPad. Everything syncs and that’s what is considered to be important. Apple’s ecosystem and infrastructure are things that it’s competition are trying desperately to replicate, but haven’t quite been able to do. Apple’s continued integration of information will continue to set it apart moving forward.

It has been updated that 1password cannot access the passwords within Safari in iOS.

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