Apple’s New ‘Masters Metal’ TV Ad For iPhone 5S

There is an add debuted by Apple yesterday, in which company makes considerable use of Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La” song. It’s pretty easy way that the company have chosen, as it could be more better with its precious metal-themed song selection.

There are some features in this ad which includes the device’s TouchID fingerprint sensor assuming the finger in the picture is just gently pressing itself against the Home button, instead of poking it and a quick shot of the standard iOS 7 Homescreen.

So, there might be many guesses that why Apple is taking so many airwaves, one of the reason could be, iPhone 5C isn’t selling upto the company’s or analyst expectation, and it might be a little bit more advertising oomph into its flagship phone. There could be other reason too like continuing standard marketing plan for the devices. The answer is nobody knows the real answer except Company itself.

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