Apple Will Have Chips From GlobalFoundries

Apple is awaiting for the world-class chips for smartphones and tablets from GlobalFoundries, a new $ 6 billion semiconductor plant in New York’s Saratoga County.

It was on Friday that GlobalFoundries decided to be the chip makers of Apple or even as a partner in a joint venture.

And this might affect the upstate New York’s Silicon Valley.

A familiar source to CNET has revealed that GF is reportedly has a lot of idle capacity and a lot of new [production] tools. And GF is ready to start its production of ARM chips for Apple.

It is also reported that the Apple-Samsung relationship will end in 2014 and so Apple will not have its chip making arrangement with Samsung and the rumored switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
According to the source, Apple could switch easily to GF because “Globalfoundries and Samsung have the same technology foundation based on an IBM joint development agreement,”.

The gossip about TSMC remains same as there is no evidence that Apple has its chip made by TSMC.
And, now, Apple is seriously thinking about its move of some production to GF.

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