Apple TV Replacement Available Due To Wi-Fi Issues

Recently, Apple accepted the fact that the Apple TV’s have some Wi-Fi issues and they have not been able to sort the thing out. A lot of Apple TV users have faced the same problem and there have been ample number of complaints.

The problems that users face are:

  • Trouble locating a Wi-Fi network
  • Sometimes unable to join a network
  • Intermittent connections

However, Now any user should be able to get an Apple TV replacement. Apple has informed all the retail outlets and others about the situation and any user with the any of the above mentioned problems should be able to get an Apple TV replacement.

Apple said:

Apple has determined that a very small number of Apple TV (3rd generation) products might experience one of these Wi-Fi related connectivity issues: Cannot locate network, Unable to join network, Dropped or intermittent connection.

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