Apple Top Smartphone Maker In The US

Apple has maintained it’s position as the top smartphone maker in the US, according to a report by comScore. Samsung comes in at 2nd position, while HTC, Motorola and LG round out the top 5 respectively. The report has clearly mentioned: Apple top smartphone maker in the US, with UK reports due.

Google leads the platform race, with Android being the leading mobile operating system with Apple’s iOS coming up at second, and rounding the top 5 are BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian.

The data comes from a survey from comScore, which surveyed 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US. According to the company’s analysis, 133.7 million Americans owned smartphones.


Apple gained 3.9 percentage points in terms of smartphone subscribers, while Samsung gained 1 percentage points. HTC, Motorola and LG dropped percentage points, with HTC dropping 1.7 points, Motorola dropping 1.1 points and LG dropping 0.2 points.

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