Apple Pulls The Plug On MacBuildServer Support

A bug fix in iOS Developer Enterprise Program by Apple will now keep us from enjoying Nintendo games on our iDevices which could earlier be accessed via MacBuildServer’s emulator program for iOS. The builds from MacBuildServer used to emulate the GameBoy Advance when installed on Jailbroken iOS devices allowing us to share joys of pirated Nintendo games.

The news was made public via a recent blog post from MacBuildServer. “Yesterday someone from Apple called to Serge, our founder, and noticed that [the] enterprise certificate registered to our company was[sic] been used violating Apple’s agreements.”

The Emulator can still be downloaded by user’s personal developer account priced at $99 a year with the certificate to install non-App Store apps, so that unofficial build app can be accessed from GitHub repo. The company is working on incorporating MacBuildServer in iOS 7 for faster app launches.

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