Apple Promised User To Fix Screen of Death In iOS 7 Soon

Many Apple iPhone users have reported about the “screen of death” issue in their OS. It is really frustating to have a phone which suddenly crashes to a blank white or black screen, which is neither on nor off, with an Apple logo.

Users have made a dubbing of this screen, depending on the colour of their iPhone when they felt pain after this recent mobile operating system was released last September.

However, company have promised to fix the screen of death bug, and is working to bring an updated version of iOS 7. Currently, Apple have not specified a timeline for iOS 7 update, and also not confirmed that the upcoming iOS 7 update will be in the form of iOS 7.1 or as a usual update of the current version.

Many users with the lower version iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, have reported the issues after downloading iOS 7 last year, that they face battery drain, crashes and general lag. And they are forced to use their phone like that, as the company have made it impossible to downgrade their OS.

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