Apple Patent Application for Combination Fingerprint Scanner and NFC Circuitry Surfaces

Yesterday, patently Apple published that Apple has filed for a European patent (via Free Patents) detailing a system for combining a fingerprint scanner with near field communication (NFC) technology which will allow dual modes of operation in a single space-saving design.


Actually,the European patent application was filed in March 2012 and was derived from a U.S. patent application.It was quietly pulished without mentioning Apple as the assignee and the applications describe the fingerprint/NFC circuitry as embedded into a button or other surface included on a mobile device.There wad much discussion about the upcoming iPhone 5S,although the potential inclusion NFC on the iPhone 5S has not been a frequent topic of rumor discussion.

Apple suggests that other areas on a mobile device can be used to house the combination sensor instead of home button,including but not limited to the device’s screen, ear speaker, side bezel, and built-in bottom speaker, as well as other inactive areas on the phone such as next to the home button or near the headphone jack.


Apple is willing to launch the next-generation iPhone 5S and also the lost cost iPhone 5C next Tuesday in the iPhone event.In addition to a fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5S is expected to have an upgraded processor, an improved camera, and a new “champagne” color option.

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