Apple And Microsoft More Cash Than Various Countries

Going by Quinlan’s research carried out to compare global cash reserves of various US companies and various nations of the world, the outome suggests that companies like Apple and Microsoft have more cash than various countries of the world.

“Without a world of uncertainty, one thing is sure: Most U.S. corporations have plenty of capital at their disposal,” said US Trust’s Joseph Quinlan. “The capital is in abundance among America’s largest nonfinancial companies, with clear indication that US firms were sitting on some $1.6 trillion in cash at the end of 2013, a 12% increase from a year ago. Surprisingly, the latest figure is nearly double the level of 2008, signaling the extent by which US firms have built out their cash positions over the post-crisis period.”

A big surprising thing to note is that the cash reserves of some of the biggest US companies are more than those of some of the major economies around the world. “Like for instacne, the cash pile of corporate America is greater than the total international reserves of Japan, the second-wealthiest nation in the world, with foreign exchange reserves of $1.2 trillion,” he said. “The big surprise is that only China has more cash in the safe-almost $4 trillion.”
The figures of these companies have beaten the likes of Canada, Singapore, Korea, Australia and many other names. Apple leads the pac in this list.

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