Apple Is Coming Up With A New Store For Its Users

It has been estimated that 93% of app store customers are making use of the latest iOS and this has lead the Apple to chart out a public developer site similar to Google Play of Google’s Android users.

Apple’s data is portrayed in the pie chart form, which helps the developers to target on the latest operating system. Apple is expecting that developers can update the yet to come version, iOS 7 by following the previous releases.

A report released in October 2011 showed that only 1% of Apple store visitors are using a version older than iOS 5 and 6% are using iOS 5.


Statistics of Google are mostly on those Android devices which access Google Play regularly. Google has its numbers get edited after receiving comments from Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller about the users who still utilize the older version of operating system. Based on the comments received, Google worked out to hike in the proportion of users who are reported to use the less than a year old version of Android.

Android claims that fragmentation is not a problem and they also state that their Android’s large global shipments position is a larger platform for developers than Apple’s iOS.

But Google is unable to provide all apps and services to its Android users because Google now requires Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is not possible for most of the users to install it and because of this many of the apps are unable to get installed in devices. Like only Android 4.0 users can install Adobe’s Photoshop Touch.

One report says that Google and it’s partners have problem in updating the Android version even after the release of new version.

MobileBurn complains “More than six months have passed since Google first introduced its enhanced notifications in Android 4.1”. And many developers are ignoring the new features of Google that adds to Android.

But the effort made by Apple to keep iOS users up to date have quickly taken a new platform which features in their apps, ranging from Notification Center to Game Center to Passbook. Moreover many of the users who don’t want the updated version have no choice when they buy a new Windows computer. But many of the Android licensees are selling their devices with old version of Android on them. For example: Verizon Wireless sells a variety of smartphones on its website that still ship with the ancient 2.3 Gingerbread.

Verizon is not alone because only a few phones are released with latest Android installation. Though Jelly Bean was unveiled last summer, many of the phones which are shipping are still running with Ice Cream Sandwich. But the condition with Apple is not the same as of this. Apple will make iOS updates immediately available at no cost to all its users on the same day of its release. They also will support its hardware with new iOS updates for at least two years after their initial release. Also, they will not sell the new devices with old versions. For example: Apple which runs iPhone 4 will also run iOS 7 when it is launched, giving it more than four years of updates.

Google Update Alliance was rolled in with a plan, in 2011, to ensure that new Android smartphones would get software updates for at least 18 months after going on sale. Unfortunately, the plan was dead before the end of 2011.

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