Apple Developers Site Hit By “Intruder”

Apple revealed that their Apple Developers Site was attacked by an intruder last week. A note was released to developers quoting “intruder” had tried to gain access to developers information, which caused company to take the website offline for security reasons. All the information is encrypted which means it’s still safe.

The site is being updated and will be back soon. The detailed report from Apple goes like this: An Apple spokesman made a statement that company’s developer Web site is “not associated with any customer information” and that “customer information is securely encrypted.” Apple’s developer site provides software downloads, documentation and forums to third-party software developers.

Registered developers could not access the website causing discomfort to users who could not access their accounts. Company would be extending membership periods to cover the outage, and any published software would not be removed. The attack come when Apple’s gearing up to release new versions of iOS and OS X. Developers have been adaoting their software for newer versions of the same while waiting for official release, which Apple is set to release coming fall.

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