Apple Have Created The Original iPhone In $150 Million

Senior Apple executive explained about the development cost of iPhone and according to him company likely spent over $150 million to develop the original iPhone.

This amount is absolutely not more important for the company than iPhone, but it’s still a fairly big number. However, the company also put its best workers on the project.

“Many top engineers in the company were being sucked into the project, forcing slowdowns in the timetables of other work,” says Vogelstein. As iPhone is the only project which is working at its best, so it was obvious to take risk.

The hardware engineer, Andy Grignon is incharge of the radios in the iPhone. “It was a big ‘[expletive] you’ to the people who couldn’t get in [to work on the iPhone]. Everyone knows who the rock stars are in a company, and when you start to see them all slowly get plucked out of your area and put in a big room behind glass doors that you don’t have access to, it feels bad.”

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