Apple Converts Green – Apple Environmental Progress

Apple had once been rebuked for wasting the non-renewable sources of energy. And now there is a day where 75 percent of the energy is being derived from renewable sources. Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer has informed that “This week all of it’s data centers — including the gargantuan facility in Maiden, North Carolina — are now fully powered by renewable energy from onsite and local sources, while three-fourths of the energy used by the whole company is pulled from green sources.”

The annual Apple Environmental Progress report was released on Thursday. The 75 percent marks a 40 percent improvement in Apple’s consumption of non-renewable sources in just two years.

Apple environmental progress has gone public and said that it will continue working hard to convert the 75 percent to 100 percent. To show how it will achieve this gigantic goal, Apple should disclose more details about how it will push utilities and state governments to help Apple achieve it’s ambitious goal in all of it’s data center locations.

The success ratio with which Apple is progressing, one can safely say that Apple would be entirely operating on renewable sources such as- solar, hydro, wind and geothermal.

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