App Store For Google Glass Coming Soon

After six months, there is good news for developers and google glass users via Google+ post Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan:
As of today, you can submit your Glassware for review. Completing the Glassware review process will make your Glassware eligible to show on MyGlass and eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit.

“Glassware”, the app has been around since Glass first made it into the hands of eager Explorers. But it lacked in figuring out which ones to download or can say lacked in app-discovery.

Company offers core apps in the current Glassware marketplace like email, social media and news reading and some freshly approved apps are SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe and Thuuz. App store void is not a big problem, as Glass is still available to a small number of tech-savvy peoples.

The interested developers can submit apps through form known as “Google Mirror API Review Request”.

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