Amazon In A Good Mood, Hired 12800 Employees In Last Three Months

An updated news suggests that, Amazon has now 109,800 employees, compared to 97,000 last quarter and 81,400 a year ago. Company have hired around 12,800 employees in the last three months.

If we compare with the employee count of Microsoft, it was nearly 99,139 in June and after hiring Nokia, Microsoft is expected to gain about 32,000 Nokia employees then. But Amazon is not in a mood to stop, as there are 271 pages of jobs at

As amazon is a high paying company, it’s never easy to get into it until you are a talented person and Comapny takes interview in it’s own unique way. Around nine people took interview for 8-hr for an opening at Amazon’s Lab126 in Cupertino, which currently has 19 pages of job openings (over 185 jobs).

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