Amazon Expands It’s X-Ray Service To TV Shows

Amazon has announced that it is expanding it’s X-Ray features to TV shows as well, which will allow it’s users to tap on an actor or actress to discover which film or TV shows they have starred in or are starring in.

X-Ray uses IMDb’s database, has added support for some of the most popular shows available on Amazon Instant Video like Sons of Anarchy, Grey’s Anatomy, Doctor Who, Lost, Glee, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Justified, Downtown Abbey, The West Wing, Falling Skies and American Horror Stories.


Users need to simply tap the “Include X-Ray” icon before launching the video. Users can tap the screen while watching the TV show, and a pop up window will appear on the screen, while tapping on actor’s or actresses’ name will bring up their complete filmography. Hitting the play button in the bottom left hand corner will resume playback.

X-Ray will be available exclusively to Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Amazon’s Instant Video app available on Wii U, but there has been no confirmation on whether this feature will be made available to iOS and Android devices.

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