Addicted Twins Managed To Spend $1600 On iPad Games

The field of games has drastically changed the mindset among the children because they don’t even know how lucky they are, they just sign onto their parents’ iPads, tap a few icons, then download whatever it is they want from the App Store.

Now take the example of a set of 6-year old twins in UK- the pair purchased over $1,600 US dollars worth of virtual pets and clothing, all on the games unsupervised on their parents’ iPad. “Children don’t understand the value of money, they just see it as a way of collecting more pets and clothes for characters in the games,” the twins’ father told the Telegraph.

They later added that the children didn’t understand the strategy of the developers of games, as they just enter the password which prompts while playing games. There should be some measures in place to prevent this, such as asking for credit card details.

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