A Change In The Profit Report Of Sony Company With The Development Of PS4

PS3 and Xbox 360, the two companies faced off together in the market and were full off varieties of hardware. Rather it was also said that the two companies simply bathed in hardware. It was hard for the users to determine which one of the two is better in quality because the two came up in the market with different architects. Facts came into limelight after seven years when there was a drift towards Sony. Even it was time to take into consideration the potential console performance. However there was again a slight nod and it was founded that Microsoft was better.

Microsoft ultimately had a weightage because the features of the product were more relevantly exposed. There was a bit in both PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 had tons of eye-candy features while Xbox 360 worked better with cross platform title. Later on, in the year 2013 both the companies targeted PC architecture, considered to be relevantly super charged. This PC architecture was charges with AMD. This opened up chances for them to make money. It was mentioned in one of the statement that unlike PS3, launch of PS4 will not suffer a loss. This statement was given by Masaru Kato, Sony CFO.

The CFO made a statement that the development of PS3 demanded a lot of investments in order to develop the chip. The development process made use of silicon processing and the facilities that was invested by the company. There was a change in the scenario at the time of development of PS4 and there was an entire team working on its development. The existing technology for PS3 was once again incorporated at the time of development of PS4. There was a slight change in the investment procedure.

The investment will not be made by the company itself, rather foundries and the partners will take the honor. It’s a tough competition with the hardware of Microsoft and Sony and it will keep the competition pricing in line. After a heavy loss, Sony company had experienced a huge profit and this is drift was primarily because of a different type of an investment plan.

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