14,000 Best Buy Stores Of Samsung To Come Up By June – Samsung Experience Shops

The electronic giant Samsung is going to launch it’s stores to be known as ‘Samsung Experience Shops’,  in 1,400 Best Buy locations in the U.S. by the beginning of the month of June, just around the time of the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This step at the part of the Korean tech giant is being considered as an open battle call for the Apple.


Apple and Microsoft, both already have their retail space in the Best Buy (BBY), and this is the time when Samsung is going to join in to give them a real tough competition. The Samsung stores will undertake operations in the big stores of Best Buy from the first day of the month of May, and the smaller stores are expected to be fully operative by the first of June. The company is going to start with 500 Samsung boutique stores inside Best Buy. Each of the stores is planned to get 460 square feet space to facilitate easy demonstration of the Samsung gadgets to the customers. The stores will offer the full collection of Samsung smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras and other accessories from the brand.

In the very last year, Samsung was stung by the lawsuits of Apple and had to pay a sum of $1.05 Billion for “slavishly” copying some of Apple’s innovations. The decision at the part of Samsung, to come in direct head-on-competition with Apple stores, is measured as a bite back to prove it’s innovative capacities to the consumers.

As per the reports of the WSJ, the Samsung Experience Shops are going to be bigger in size than Apple’s shops and will also promote some extra facilities to the consumers. According to Ketrina Dunagan, VP marketing at Samsung Telecommunications, around 70% of the US citizens stay within 10 miles of a Best Buy Shop, and their partnership with Best Buy is surely going to make it easy to reach the U.S. consumers with the vast range of products. He also added that these bigger shops will enable the trained staff to demonstrate better and empower consumers to try out different products.

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